Want a Premium Author Course on a Massive Discount?!?

by | Feb 22, 2022

Last Updated:
Mar 11, 2022

It’s true! All of our premium author courses are on MASSIVE discount!

And, you have the chance to request content for a brand-new writing course.

Jesper and I have just launched our first ever Kickstarter. It’s been a bit daunting… 😱

If this Kickstarter funds successfully, we’ll set to work, so this is your chance to get in, and at the same time, get some awesome rewards.

The reason is that we would love to dive deeper into the story structure itself. To teach you how to craft stories that ‘work.’

A course like, The Ultimate Fantasy Writers Guide, will get you towards that goal, but the focus of that course is more on the writing and less on the development of a solid story. If you marry the ‘Write a Book’ course (which this Kickstarter is for) with The Ultimate Fantasy Writers Guide, you have an extremely solid foundation.

In addition, the name, The Ultimate Fantasy Writers Guide, indicates that the course is for fantasy authors. This is somewhat true, although most of the teachings are applicable outside the fantasy genre.

In comparison the “Write a Book” course, will not be limited to any genre and can be applied no matter what types of books you write or want to write.

The intended audience for the ‘Write a Book” course is fledgling writers and experienced authors alike.

Know that, whether you classify yourself as a writer (according to the dictionary, it’s a person who expresses ideas in writing) or an author (a person who writes a novel, poem, essay, etc.) there’s always more to learn about writing. It’s a curvy and snarled journey through which you can keep growing.

Our pledge to you is to teach you a step-by-step method that works. While the art of writing cannot be taught (it comes with practice) – story structure can!

Support the Kickstarter today (at the end of the first week we are already over 20% funded! Wahoo!)

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Written by: Autumn

Autumn is a best selling indie author, conservationist, & world traveler with plans for many more adventures both real and fantastical! She is currently settled in the wilds of Maine with her small dragonish dog and husband, searching for a portal to another world.

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