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Writing is hard work as much as a labor of love. But you aren’t alone!

The internet has given us access to not only each other, but tons of resources that can help you find inspiration, develop new writing skills, find someone to bounce ideas off of, and more. Here are a few to get you started:

Listen to over 100 episodes full or writing and marketing tips, including special guests such as Joanna Penn, Bryan Cohen, Sasha Black, and more!

Learn to market your books without paid ads and take your first steps during this FREE online course!

Join thousands of other fantasy writers on Facebook to talk writing and marketing, plus find support and encouragement!

Plus Check out these other great free resources!

Check out hundreds of blog posts to help you with character development, overcoming writer’s block, marketing tricks, and soooo much more!
Do you  have something to share? Help out your fellow authors with something you’ve mastered or a lesson learned.
Check out our YouTube Channel with hundreds of videos from podcast epsiodes to us having some fun while sharing advice.

Looking for More?

From work sheets to books, we have a variety of resources to help you devleop ideas to plot to tackle book descriptions!
Want to create a fantasy language? Or are your characters giving you problems? Maybe you need a guide as you create a fantasy world … we have the courses that will guide you on your writing journey!

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