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Do you need help with your author career?

Tell us if this sounds familiar…

  • You’re doing everything in your power to sell your books, but nothing is working.
  • It’s impossible to keep on top of all the social media platforms. Do they even matter?
  • Trying to arrange newsletter swaps, running Countdown deals, and setting up Facebook ads is just too overwhelming.
  • You keep tweaking your cover and book description, but they still don’t convert to sales.
  • Playing around with keywords on Amazon is getting tiring.
  • Getting increasingly frustrated by the fact that it seems impossible to get reviews on your book.
  • Open rates, clicks rates… what is all this stuff and how do you know if you’re doing well or not?

As authors, we understand that we need to do something to sell books.

We therefore try everything.

The Self-Publishing Success course is the safety net you’ve been looking for. We will tell you exactly where to focus and what to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

Autumn and Jesper – two bestselling authors – have organized everything they’ve learned from publishing more than twenty books in a fashion that is easy to follow.
Vital lessons, all designed to act as rocket fuel for your author career… and the best part… it’s free.


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  • Module 1 – Why 2% of Authors Succeed and 98% don’t!
  • Module 2 – The mindset that most authors DON’T understand (it’s much simpler than you might think!)
  • Module 3 – Your author platform
  • Module 4 – How do online retailers (like Amazon) work?
  • Module 5 – Amazon explained
  • Module 6 – Book Covers
  • Module 7 – Book Descriptions
  • Module 8 – Advertising
  • Module 9 – Launching a new book
  • Module 10 – The cornerstone you can’t live without

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