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Welcome to Am Writing Fantasy

It has been a long journey to get to where we are today and we have spent a lot of money and time to learn what we have learned. But you don’t have to go through all that we have! Or at least, not through the hard and painful method.

We created Am Writing Fantasy with the purpose of helping other fantasy authors with writing, marketing, and selling books to fans all over the world.

Here at Am Writing Fantasy is where everything you need is collected in one place. We have 100+ YouTube videos on the Am Writing Fantasy YouTube Channel and tons of blog posts to inspire you. If podcasts are your thing, check out the Am Writing Fantasy Podcast with over 150 episodes. We’ve had some awesome and amazing guests, like Joanna Penn, Chris Fox, Jenna Moreci, Lindsay Buroker and Jane Friedman, just to mention a few. When you’ve gone through that stash of tips, check out the Write the Story Podcast. This podcast follows along as we create an outline of a short story, sharing our journey from idea to outline in the hopes of helping you draft outlines for your writing.

We run the Am Writing Fantasy Facebook group where you can get support and advise from other fantasy authors, just like you. We offer free courses and workbooks, as well as our premium courses where we take you through everything you need to make a career out of your passion for fantasy.

What Are Customers Say

The book skillfully takes you through a process that works for many writers, and shows you some fantastic ways to get through some important but often overlooked parts in creating a good story.
- Angie

Plot Development

I cannot thank you enough for your way of making sense of the writing process!
- Stacey

The Ultimate Fantasy Writers Guide

If the day comes that I am lauded as the next GRR Martin, I will cite the day I started this video series as where it all began to happen. Amazing. You have given me a path to get this decades long obsession with my story a pathway to realization. Thank you.
- Darren

The Ultimate Fantasy Writers Starter Kit

A little book stuffed with a ton of great content! The book is valuable for any genre of writing and most certainly for anyone, regardless of skill level, wanting to write their own story. It gives the writer an easy to understand foundation of the first steps to creating anything from a short story to their own book.
- Michelle

Story Ideas

I’ve been looking for a book like this for years. It explains how weather works, where mountains and lakes form, and where towns settle. It gives me the guidelines I need to more confidently create a fantasy map.
- Daniel

Fantasy Map Making

As a direct result of taking your courses, I have rewritten an entire 1st chapter of a Women’s Fiction WIP, and I am becoming more confident in how to connect Character and Plot effectively in my Thriller WIP.
- Mary

Character Development: Essential Skills

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