The Publishing Groundwork for 2017

I’ve never been into end of year “round-up” posts and don’t worry about new year resolutions (I think they are just an excuse to wait to change. Just make the commitment RIGHT NOW) and I also rarely re-blog a post from another website…

So why not break all the ‘rules’ at once?

Jane Friedman is a fantastic author and blogger and she posted on January 2 a review of the ebook market and publishing changes last year entitled Looking Back at 2016: Important Publishing Developments Authors Should Know.

You want to read this post.

Trends only become apparent in perspective and there were some interesting trends popping up last year. Like what? How about..

  • The market for adult fiction is primarily a digital one

  • Amazon’s market share is growing—across all formats

  • Amazon is cracking down harder on suspicious and scammy activity of all kinds (or at least trying)

  • There wasn’t a new blockbuster for publishing in 2016

  • Self-publishing activity is still growing—with a fascinating shift

The headlines tell you a lot, but it is what is between them with the data and analysis that will make your eyes pop. And it should get you excited about 2017… well, you’ll be excited if you are an indie author. 😉

Check out this awesome article in full here.

Publishing groundwork for 2017



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Written by: Autumn

Autumn (also known as Weifarer) is an indie author, conservationist, & world traveler with plans for many more adventures both real and fantastical! She is currently on the road in North America in a Four Wheel Camper along with her husband, Adam, and Cairn terrier, Ayashe.

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