Ultimate Fantasy Writer’s Guide

Begin Your Author Career!

A course designed to provide you the core knowledge of what you need without any of that English Writing crap that will only slow you down. This is the essential information that will shortcut all the techniques of how to develop amazing characters, write a fascinating story, hook readers, edit to perfection, format a stellar ebook & paperback, launch to fans & reviews, and go on to build your dream author career.


A proven step-by-step system...

To not only write & launch an amazing fantasy novel but to build your dream author career!

Are you struggling to write an engaging and riveting fantasy novel? Do you doubt your story is good enough for readers to rave about it? Do you have files of unfinished ideas that haunt you with questions of “what if?”

Well, worry no more.

The Ultimate Fantasy Writer’s Guide will teach you step-by-step how to develop the spark of an idea into a solid book idea and then walk you through how to write it. And not just whip it off to say it is done, but to write a captivating story set in a unique world with realistic characters readers will love and follow with white knuckles through a complex and tension-filled novel.

But this is not just a “how to write” course. No WAY! It is so much more.

This course will teach you to not only write the novel you’ve dreamed of writing, it will begin your author career. The one that you secretly want but think might never happen. It can! And will. This course will show you how.


Check out the Individual Modules!

  • Module 1: Developing Your Story Idea - The lessons begins by helping you develop an idea into a solid foundation for your story, build a unique fantasy world, add the magic, and create awesome characters! Talk about starting with a sonic boom! This module includes an Idea Development Handout and more!
  • Module 2: Intro to Writing - Now that you have the framework of your story, the characters, world, and magic, lay the groundwork of how to write your novel with lessons on character point of view and voice, the techniques of writing chapters that will hook readers!
  • Module 3: Writing the Beginning - With the groundwork behind you, delve into what it takes to write the opening to your novel with an in-depth lesson on how to grab a reader with a great opening line and then how not to lose them! This lesson includes essential information on how to introduce characters, and describe the backstory and world without stepping in an information dump!
  • Module 4: Writing the Middle - Now that you’ve made it through the beginning, rock the middle of your novel and keep readers hooked with a lesson on the three stages that comprise the middle of your story and how they relate to the main character. Because it is the main character who makes all the goodness happen!
  • Module 5: Writing the End - Your novel is over half-finished, but now isn’t the time to slow down. Now you need to finish it with powerful ending readers will love and remember with this lesson that covers the pivotal main climactic scene as well as what sets it apart from previous hurdles, the wrap-up, and how to set the stage for the next book.
  • Module 6: Advanced Writing - Wahoo! Your first draft is done, but why not top off all your hard work with these tips to enhance your writing? These advanced tips on pacing to increase tension, more character, and POV techniques, and how to write dialogue will make your story pop with professional-level skill!
  • Module 7: Building a Fan Base - There is so much more to building your author career than writing a book. Build a fan base as you write after discovering how one will supercharge your career. Then uncover how and where to build yours by following the steps, including what to send to them to turn casual readers into super fans — your super fans! This module includes over-my-should step-by-step instructions to creating a blog AND a Secret Swipe File of emails to build your mailing list!
  • Module 8: Finding Time & Staying Motivated - We won’t lie and say writing is all about flowing inspiration and perfect confidence. All writers have bad days. The difference is professional writers keep going. Learn to overcome writer’s block, or just a busy life, with these tips and hacks to keep writing strong no matter if your plot fizzles or work is trying to suck your soul. Because you know it is trying to suck your soul…
  • Module 9: Edit Like a Pro - Your first draft is done, you’ve begun to build your fan base and conquered all the hurdles trying to slow you down. Now it is time to turn your first draft into an amazing finished story by following the step-by-step instructions on how to content edit, add the ultimate polish, and then find the perfect editor. This module includes Content Editing Spreadsheet to keep you organized AND an Editing Checklist so you don’t miss a step!
  • Module 10: Covers, Formatting, & Platforms - It is time to take all your hard work one step closer to launch with this module that will give you all you need to create & upload an amazing ebook and paperback, including how to format, what you need for a great cover, and where you should upload your book. No questions on what you need to include in your book format, where you should sell your novel, and how to leverage the most out of your cover after this lesson! This module includes TEMPLATES for both ebook and paperback formats AND over-my-shoulder screencast of how to use the templates and upload to retailers!
  • Module 11: Launching to Fans & Getting Reviews - It is time to bring your book to the world! Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to build your launch team & strategically release your book, including getting those amazing & important reviews the first week the book is live! This lesson pulls everything together to give your new book, and your author career, an amazing beginning! Includes a Secret Swipe File on how to build a launch team, PLUS the ultimate checklist of steps and timeline to run your book release!
  • Module 12: Life After Launch - An author career does not end with the release of book 1. And this course is about building more than a book but a full-fledged author platform and brand. Discover what to do next to grow your career, including how to build your author brand, grow and maintain your email list, and how to tackle advertising after the new release bump dwindles. You’ll be left knowing where to go and it isn’t just about writing the next book!

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