5 Secrets to Writing Spellbinding Chapters Booklet


“I stayed up way too late reading this book. I couldn’t put it down!”

Hearing that you hooked a reader and kept them going until the wee hours of the morning is not just praise; It is an accomplishment. Like everything with writing, practice helps. But there are techniques and principles too. These 5 tips will teach you the key steps to writing chapters that keep a reader turning the pages.

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Is it your goal to hook your readers so deep they can’t sleep until they’ve finished the book?

It is one thing to write an interesting novel that a reader will finish. Writing a story so captivating that it keeps a reader going into the wee hours of the morning despite work, kids, or their spouse snoring next to them is a different level. Some writers have a knack for it. But even if you don’t, guess what, it is a learnable skill!

So whether you are a newbie or typed your way around the block a few times, you can develop the ability to grab a reader’s interest and keep it even when she really meant to call it a night ten chapters ago. This booklet will get you started by teaching you five essential techniques needed to keep a reader turning the pages no matter the hour.


Autumn is a best selling indie author, conservationist, & world traveler with plans for many more adventures both real and fantastical! She is currently settled in the wilds of Maine with her small dragonish dog and husband, searching for a portal to another world.

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