Self Publishing Success

Get the Tips, Tricks, and Advice to help you on your self-publishing journey!

This course is not a brief overview – heck, no! We’ve gone in-depth to create a full course that will step you through not only what you need to know to be a self-published author, but the tricks that will help you be successful. With modules on everything to understanding pesky stats to book descriptions, this course has it all.


Check Out the Individual Lessons!

  • Module 1: Why 2% of Authors Succeed and 98% Don’t - Meet your instructors as we take apart the myths and delve into the reality of writing and self-publishing.
  • Module 2: The Mindset Most Authors Don’tUunderstand - Delve into what it takes to be a self-published author – it’s more than writing!
  • Module 3: Your Author Platform - Get the essentials you need for your online book home.
  • Module 4: How Do Online eBook Retailers Work? - Delve into the key things you need to know about selling books online.
  • Module 5: Amazon Explained: What you need to know about the world’s largest book retailer.
  • Module 6: Book Covers - Get all the advice you need on book covers from where to get one, what makes a great cover, and how you can tell!
  • Module 7: Book Descriptions - Discover why book descriptions are important and how they will help your sales.
  • Module 8: Advertising - Get the tips to advertise like a pro without busting your budget.
  • Module 9: Launching a New Book - How to tackle a book release from motivating your fans to launch strategies.
  • Module 10: The Cornerstone You Can't Succeed Without - Discover the most important thing you can do to help your author career.

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