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by | Oct 21, 2016

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May 27, 2017

On Monday I joined Keystroke Medium on the air for a one hour interview as part of their Live! podcast. There is nothing like being asked to do a live interview, especially for a show whose billing reads “Josh and Scott conduct live interviews with authors of some of the best books on the market,” to make you feel like your moving forward in your writing career!

Josh and Scott are fantastic authors as well, who work hard on the craft as well as having a strong desire to share writing tips and introduce authors to new readers, all of which made for a fabulous discussion that covers everything from why I first wrote my epic fantasy series the Rise of the Fifth Order, why I switched from writing epic fantasy full of magic set in a unique world to a dystopian series that is definitely adult targeted and holds no magic but lots of explosions, and even writing methods from when I write and what I use including Scrivener tips.

The best part is that the entire interview was recorded and is already on video on Youtube and will be up as a podcast episode soon! While you are waiting, I highly recommend following Josh and Scott as Keystroke on Youtube, their podcast on iTunes, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter. They’ve had some incredibly talented, and some rather well known!, guests already that you should definitely check out (like David Farland!!!). You can even find Keystroke’s episodes highlighted in the interviews over at SFFWorld — this is a podcast going places so make sure you follow Josh and Scott!

But before you run off to check out all the other great episodes, take a peak at my interview:

Josh mentions that this interview was a long time coming as Scott asked me to come on the show way back in July. I said yes, but that I was heading off for a rather long trip and wasn’t sure when I’d be off the road. That lead to my interview being postponed until October. But that worked out great, because by then I realized something really important.

I have audio books but virtually no audio of video marketing.

That little realization came about as I was outlining marketing funnels for both my books and courses. It is so obvious but also so easily overlooked. I’m a writer. I type away for hours a day. But blogs and ebooks are only one form of reaching readers. And as I’ve already ventured into video courses and audio books, I need to increase (heck, create!) a presence outside of written words.

Conveniently I already had the interview with Keystroke lined up. Fate is sometimes very kind (if you are paying attention at least). And I’ve already lined up another radio/podcast over at IndieReviews Behind the Scenes for next week thanks to an introduction from a friend.

After that, it is up to me to up my audio and video presence. Which is actually exciting and I’m still paring down what to focus on first because I have a lot of ideas!

Good news!

The exercise that made me realize I needed to venture more into video and audio is really easy and will help every indie author market better, as well find gaps in their marketing. I plan on sharing it here soon! Maybe even as a video… 😉

Let me know what you think of the interview! And how about you as readers or fellow authors: Do you watch video trailers or look for writing tips and inspiration on Youtube or iTunes? If so, what is your favorite show?

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Written by: Autumn

Autumn is a best selling indie author, conservationist, & world traveler with plans for many more adventures both real and fantastical! She is currently settled in the wilds of Maine with her small dragonish dog and husband, searching for a portal to another world.

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  1. Jan Hawke

    Congratulation and best wishes for your future personal appearances Autumn! 😀 Have bookmarked the interview to look at later on when the sun goes down a little 🙂

    • Autumn

      Thanks, Jan! The interview was a lot of fun. And they’ve had some great authors on the show too — there are some episodes I need to go back and check out! Enjoy the show. lol!

  2. VeeRay

    I’ve mentioned, elsewhere, that I envy you your ability to do this kind of an interview. I’ve also mentioned that you need to be cloned, per the amount of things you need to do… There simply isn’t enough Autumn to cover the entire Northern Hemisphere. Congratulations on a world class appearance, both professional and personable. It’s indeed something to be proud of.

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