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by | Jan 15, 2016

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Jan 15, 2016

Remember that post listing some big plans for 2016 from a mere two weeks ago? Yeah, this one. Well today, January 15, was slated as a big day. Because I said I was going to launch my first giveaway AND open a free mini video course on writing better novels faster. Nothing like starting the year with big goals!

It’s even better to meet them. lol. So I am!

Enter to win the four books in Peter Brett’s amazing and spell binding Demon Cycle series AND the three books in my epic fantasy trilogy the Rise of the Fifth Order! All paperback, all new – in fact book four, the Skull Throne, is only being released in paperback at the end of January. This is happening stuff! If you haven’t read Peter’s series, I highly recommend it. I’ve fallen in love with his books and if you like mine I’m sure you’ll feel the same about his. And if you love his, I hope you feel the same way about mine!

Click on the picture above to enter or follow this link!


And my first self-paced writing course is live! And its FREE! This short video series will give you the foundation tips and techniques to improve not only your writing, but the speed you produce great novels. No magic tricks. Lots of hard work, inspirations, and passion required. But if you have that, I can help you write a great novel.

Sign up here!


If those two announcements aren’t enough, I also fulfilled the hint from that 2016 post and created a New Release menu item and have both book release and writing course release pages! Trust me, you want to hit one of those links just to see the cool animation on the books. 😀

I also created a new page called What I’m Writing. Because like any author, I have writing ups and downs, inspiration and lulls. I don’t share the day to day with you because … well because I set up the blog to be more about writing tips and book reviews. But I do want to share not only the trials of what I’m working on but let you know what book(s) I’m actually working on! So that page will read like a scrolling blog. If you are interested in what I’m writing or what I’m doing to keep myself writing and productive, check it out. It is under the New Release menu item too.

Okay, I think I’m out of news to share! What are you doing to meet your 2016 goals? Please share! And good luck on the paperback contest! Go enter now!

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