Overcome Darkness with these Fantasy Reads!

October is one of my favorite times of the year and Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays! I love the lighthearted spirit, the stories, the colors, and of course the lights: candles flickering in jack-o-lanterns to will-o-wisps hiding in the forest. I love the history of the holiday too, especially Samhain, the Gaelic celebration! Must by my Irish roots. πŸ˜‰

So, of course, when I heard there was a special giveaway running dedicated to Diwali, which is the Hindu festival of lights, that celebrates mythic fiction and stories where light overcomes darkness (also known as noblebright as opposed to grimdark fiction) I signed up!

Light overcoming darkness lies at the heart of all of my stories, even the dystopian. I can’t find it in me to let the light die. And though I love history, I never considered my epic fantasy series mythic fiction until this promo. But the ancient Greek stories of naiads, dryads, and gods controlling elements are certainly what helped inspire the magic in the novels. Guess I found a new keyword to add to my categories on Amazon!

So if you love stories where good somehow conquers the dark, check out this special list and pick up a few new books to help you through the darkness. It is a long haul until December 21st and winter solstice!


Festival of Lights Instafreebie promotion

The promotion is organized by Mythic Fiction Promos, a curated list of mythic fiction standalone books and series. Explore the page for enchanting new books to read and join the mailing list to get notified in time.

Here are three selected titles on offer. There are plenty more to choose from!

Check out the full Diwali promo page
Instafreebie is a website that connects readers with authors, providing sneak peeks, advanced access, special giveaways, and exclusive freebies. All you have to do is browse for titles you think you’ll enjoy, sign up with your email and select the filetype that fits you, Mobi, ePub or PDF. Instructions for loading that file in your e-reader will be sent to you from Instafreebie.

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Why I’m using Instafreebie

I’ve been trying out Instafreebie for just over a month now and I’m pleased. Heck, I’m thrilled with how well it works. Want to know more, like how I’m using it and what benefits I see? Great! Let me know in the comments.



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Written by: Autumn

Autumn (also known as Weifarer) is an indie author, conservationist, & world traveler with plans for many more adventures both real and fantastical! She is currently on the road in North America in a Four Wheel Camper along with her husband, Adam, and Cairn terrier, Ayashe.

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