Writer’s Getaway2023

Live in San Francisco | Feb 17-19, 2023

San Francisco

Autumn M. Birt

Jesper Schmidt

About the Writer’s Getaway

Come for three days of writing workshops, writing time, one-on-one coaching, and group activities. Leave with a completed short story to be included in a published compilation, polished writing skills, and new author friends.

Sure, writers are often introverts, but aren’t you tired of everything happening online? We are! Plus, you can learn more and improve your writing skills faster with a select group of writers (no more than 40!) along with personalized coaching.

Be warned, this is not going to be one of those events where you simply show up, listen to a bunch of PowerPoint presentations, and then head back home by the end of the weekend.


We want you to actually complete a work of fiction.

During this weekend, all attendees will jointly worldbuild a setting for a story together with five elements which everyone needs to incorporate into the story along with a character.

Each participant will then write a short story between 1,000 and 10,000 words. Along the way, we’ll cover writing aspects such as worldbuilding, character development, plotting, outlining chapters, and more… all of which you’ll get to use that weekend.

By Sunday afternoon, all stories will be handed over to us, Autumn and Jesper, and we’ll then get them all edited and have a cover made for inclusion in a compilation made free for readers! We’ll do all the final work—you just need to come, learn, have fun, and write the story.

YES! You’ll get a published piece of work and a bunch of new author friends to help you promote it. The benefits of this Getaway doesn’t end on Sunday—not by a long shot!


3 days

2 instructors

1 finished story

(and 40 new friends to help you promote it)

Event Schedule





Arrival & Welcome



We’ll jump straight into worldbuilding by creating the setting for our short stories as a group lesson.


Worldbuild 5 Elements

We’ll deep dive further into worldbuilding by creating five elements each short story must contain.


How to Write an Exciting Story

We shift gears by delving into the aspects that make an exciting story with lessons on plotting.


Character Creation

By following our steps of character creation, we develop one character that must appear in your short story.





How to Write Strong Chapters

We start the day with a writing lesson on what goes into outlining a great chapter.


Writing Break & Coaching

We take our first official writing break. Either jump into your short story or schedule some coaching time.


What is Deep POV?

After a quick update on progress, we delve into POV with tips on how to write in Deep POV (and what that exactly is!).


Walk & Talk

Pair up with a new writing buddy to discuss obstacles, brainstorm, and get excited.


Round Table Discussion

What discoveries did the Walk & Talk bring? How is the writing going? It’s time to check in!


Group Activity

Let’s get inspired and see what we can learn in this pre-dinner adventure.





How to Avoid Info Dumping

After a morning check-in, we jump into a writing lesson on info dumping—what it is and techniques on how to avoid it.


Writing Time

Get back into your short story or schedule some coaching time.


Writing Update

A quick writing update leads into a chance to brainstorm, go for a Walk & Talk, or sequester yourself for more writing or coaching.


Reconvene and Short Story Discussion

Everyone gives an update on their writing and first drafts are collected for the short story compilation to be published after the weekend.


Weekend Wrap-up

We have some fun, take photos, and give out some great gifts, of course!

About the Short Story Compilation

The goal of the weekend is to use the lessons learned along the way, including elements created during group activies, to write a short story during the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we will collect the first draft of the short story, have it professionally edited, have a cover designed for it, and publish it wide FREE for readers.

Once it is out, all of us will work together to advertise it!

It will be out and available as a free reader magnet to help readers discover you and backed by the power of mulitple authors promiting it across a variety of platforms.

And it is unique!

While many bundles have genre themes, this short story compilation will offer a setting that includes five reoccuring elements and one character common to all of them. Not many bundles can say that much!

And you are included by participating in the Getaway!

Now, we know the idea of finishing a story in three days can be a little intimidating. Don’t worry. While we will collect all first drafts at the end of the weekend, there will be a “grace period” of a week to go home, do some updates, and send us back the final version. We don’t want you to focus on a deadline—we want you there to learn!

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Accelerate your Writing Skills in 1 Weekend

3 Days of Classes


Writing Time

A Completed Story

Inclusion in Published Compilation


How many authors will be at the event?

We want to keep this to a small enough group to make it cozy and personal. For this reason, we are limiting registration to no more than 40 authors. If you want to join, please reserve your spot as soon as possible for this exclusive weekend of writing, lessons, and coaching!

Who is this Getaway for?

This Getaway is for all writers who are interested in leveling up their skills. Whether you have published none of your stories or ten books, doesn’t matter. You’ll learn and develop in either case.

What if you aren’t a fantasy writer?

That’s ok! While there will be worldbuilding with 5 elements you must include in your short story, there is nothing keeping you from making the story more of a mystery, or romance, or criminal thriller. It’s up to you and your imagination.

Where is the Getaway being held?

The Writer’s Getaway will be held from February 17-19, 2023 in the San Francisco area. We will decide on the exact venue once we have 40 authors signed up. At this point, we will let registrants know the exact details.

It will be advisable that you book a room at the selected venue as soon as we have communicated where the Getaway is being held. This way, it’ll be easy to escape to your room when your introvert-self demands some alone time.

The aim is to select a location within an hour’s drive from the San Francisco airport, so use this airport when making travel arrangements, if needed.

What does the ticket price include?

The ticket price includes admission to all three days of the Getaway, including lessons and the opportunity to schedule one-on-one coaching sessions. Snacks and drinks will be provided during the day.

Plus, you and the short story you write during the event will be featured in a compilation as well. We will cover the editing, cover, and publication.

What doesn't the ticket price include?

The price does not include travel, accomodation, or food beyond snacks and drinks during the day. If you have some favorite writerly snacks or dietary restrictions, please bring them along!

San Francisco is a vibrant city with a wealth of food options to enjoy. We are sure you’ll find something you’ll love to try.

What's your refund and cancellation policy?

While we can’t offer refunds for the event under any circumstance, we’ll–if possible–maintain a wait list and can pass along contact information. You may attempt to sell or transfer your ticket to someone else, but we do not process the transaction

If we do not meet the minimum attendance of 40 authors, or if for some reason we can’t host the event and it is cancelled, we will refund all participants money.

Feel free to help spread the word about the Getaway, the sooner we have 40 registered attendees, we can make venue reservations and confirm the Getaway is going ahead. Tell your author friends about it! Post on social media. It’ll all increase the likelihood of this happening.

Got a different question?

Send us a note through the contact form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About the Instructors


Author Autumn Birt

Autumn M. Birt

Autumn is an award winning fantasy author with over 20 books out. Her debut novel, Born of Water, has been in the top 100 in the kindle store, been a #1 bestseller, won reviewer awards, and was selected by readers for the March Book of the Month in 2020.

Her novel Gates of Fire & Earth was nominated for Best Book of 2017 and won Best Worldbuilding by Fantasia Reviews.

Along with Jesper, she loves writing as much as she loves helping other authors. Through Am Writing Fantasy, she has helped create seven courses to help authors as well as three non-fiction books on writing and plotting, each of which received #1 New Release status.

Author Jesper Schmidt

Jesper Schmidt

Jesper has written numerous fiction and non-fiction books and has–almost without fault–launched every single book to become an Amazon #1 New Release.

His debut novel, Desolation, has been in the top 100 in the Kindle store.

Jesper is also keen on podcasting and managed to convince Autumn to start producing fictionalized audio dramas. Although, because of all the writing, it will be a good while until these podcasts sees the light of day.

Along with Autumn, he loves writing as much as helping other authors. Through Am Writing Fantasy, he has helped create seven courses to help authors as well as three non-fiction books on writing and plotting.

He can’t wait to help you succeed.  

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Writer’s Getaway Ticket


Accelerate your Writing Skills in 1 Weekend

3 Days of Classes


Writing Time

A Completed Story

Inclusion in Compilation

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