Skill Booster: Book Marketing Without Paid Ads

Book Marketing Without Paid Ads

During this FREE interactive 5+ day course, you’ll learn the basics of content marketing, how to attract the right readers, and build your platform so that when the course ends you’ll have the foundation of your content marketing funnel in place.
This course is more than those typical “learn at your own pace” sort of deal. Every morning, you and hundreds of other authors will receive the daily lesson and video in your inbox. During the day, you can check in with us and other authors in the course group to get help, inspiration, and post your homework to help other authors too!
Expect some hard and intense work, as well as some fun, inspiration, and a big BOOST to your book marketing platform and skills. Are you ready?


When you finish this course, you’ll have…

  • A knowledge of what content marketing for fiction is
  • A reader magnet (or at least a good start on one)
  • Know who your ideal reader is and what they like
  • Know how to research good post topics
  • An author website
  • An email provider
  • A welcome email sequence
  • At least 5 pieces of content written
  • Know how to (easily!) make images for your content marketing
  • Understand how to create a content marketing schedule to stay on track as well as how to keep track of your most popular topics


This course is FREE thanks to World Anvil

World Anvil is already an awesome platform—a place where you can worldbuild, create characters, monsters, and more AND keep it all organized. Oh yeah, did you know you can write your novel in the platform as well. If that isn’t enough, World Anvil also is sponsoring this Skill Booster, so it can be free for everyone! There is nothing more awesome than that.

Haven’t heard of World Anvil? Go check it out!


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